Moore Staff  

Staff's Name Department Email Phone
Amstutz, Sarah Speech-Language Pathologist [email protected] 303-982-7620
Aranda, Naomi Counselor 7th Grade and 6th Grade A-L [email protected] 303-982-7659
Armstrong, Tim ESL [email protected] 303-982-8367
Aten, Tatia Para-Supervision [email protected]
Basile, Donna Para Educator-SSN ISP [email protected]
Bradley, Bob Math 6/7 [email protected] 303-982-0448
Burton, Diane Cafeteria Manager [email protected] 303-982-0456
Clark, Drew Cafeteria [email protected]
Colbert, Emily Social Studies 6/7 [email protected] 303-982-9351
Crouse, Isabel Family Liaison [email protected] 303-982-9394
Davis, Jeffrey Language Arts 6/7 [email protected] 303-982-0543
Dowd, John Campus Supervisor [email protected]
Farrow, Nick Custodian [email protected]
Filson, Chris Science 6/7 [email protected] 303-982-8533
Fink, Cindi Cafeteria [email protected]
Forbes, Jodee Para Educator-SSN ISP [email protected]
Frenzel, Kurt SRO [email protected] 303-982-0754
Gibson, Carol Science 7/8 [email protected] 303-982-0465
Greenlee, Devin Attendance Secretary [email protected] 303-982-0402
Hensley, Hope Tchr SPED Learning [email protected] 303-982-9856
Hutchinson, Marcia Dean [email protected] 303-982-0400
Jamison, Ronnette Principal's Secretary [email protected] 303-982-7943
Johnson, Miranda Theatre Johnson, [email protected] 303-982-6769
Jordan, Molly Assistant Principal [email protected] 303-982-0091
Libhart, Lisa Social Worker [email protected] 303-982-3341
Lindblom, Lyndsy Digital Teacher Librarian [email protected] 303-982-6986
Maes, Michelle Instructional Coach [email protected] 303-982-7391
Manes, Sheri Financial Secretary [email protected] 303-982-0425
Marino, David Counselor 8th Grade and 6th Grade M-Z [email protected] 303-982-0735
Mckenzie, Zennerro Math Tutor [email protected] 303-982-6933
Mills, Milissa Choir [email protected] 303-982-2109
Phillips, Sarah Tchr SPED Learning [email protected] 303-982-1618
Pizarro Robles, Ruth Facilities Manager [email protected] 303-982-0413
Pospisil, Bill Physical Education [email protected] 303-982-3522
Rucci, Nick Art [email protected] 303-982-0400
Shosberg, Eviatar Orchestra/Choir [email protected] 303-982-6835
Silburn, Marti SSN [email protected] 303-982-9770
Stokes, Tamsen Principal [email protected] 303-982-4234
Stroh, Kasandra FACS [email protected] 303-982-0423
Tomson, Kim Healthroom [email protected] 303-982-0395
Watchman, Tamara Social Studies 7/8 [email protected] 303-982-2810
Winter, Brian Lang Arts 7/8 [email protected] 303-982-0441
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